Many of today's products are becoming "smart" in order to fit current people's needs, including home automation system.


In Indonesia, Smart home system may be still in its introductory stages but will soon make a tremendous impact on everyone's lives. Creating a smart home involves the bringing together of many different disciplines including entertainment, lighting, security and networking to name just a few. That’s what our Company, PT. Iris Solusi Pratama, does best to cater all your needs smartly.

Established since 2002, PT Iris Solusi Pratama provides Home Automation products and services for improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Through a strong partnership with several leading Companies in  Lighting and Switches, PT. Iris Solusi Pratama continuously develops and involves in developing its intelligent system solutions from the socket-outlet in the wall up to fully controlled and complete housing management system.




Company’s Mission:

To become the leader in providing best automation solution for customer with high satisfaction in designing
Smart Automation System, that could ensure functionality, safety, security, comfort and elegance.

Prior to Year 2002, PT. Iris Solusi Pratama has already involved in many projects around the world for the
development of System Integration Technology. With years of experience and world-class references,
PT. Iris Solusi Pratama could bring sophistication to your Building Management System.




Company’s Motto:


  • Comfort – can be operated conveniently, simply and comfortably makes living just that much easier
  • Elegance – combines a contemporary design with the elegance tradition from the past
  • Flexibility – Building functions which can be adapted to the needs of the user easily
  • Innovation – provides specific solutions for different environmental needs, evolving the way of looking at electrical system
  • Cost Efficiency – By automated control, system can minimize unnecessary energy consumption
  • Fashion – catches the eye with its distinctive forms, communicating values of quality and technology with the finest design
  • Safety and security – provides the most essential need for protection and endurance under critical conditions