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What can Smart Home System do for you:

Smart Lighting Control

A well designed lighting system is a big part of what makes a smart home special. The choice of lighting control system is important because it often operates as the core building block of your smart home as it can determine the overall capability of the home automation systems used.

Smart Ambience Design

You don’t notice a well-thought-out lighting system, but you see the effects as lighting sets the mood of your living spaces, giving your home a welcoming feel from day one. Best of all, creating the mood you want from welcoming you home, entertaining guests or shutting down for the night can be as simple as pressing one button. Our elegant control solutions will blend into any decor, reducing wall clutter and adding value to your home.

Smart Energy Management

A smart lighting control system will save electricity and save you money. From something as simple as lights that switch off when you’re out of the room to lighting linked to automated blinds that open to allow natural light in, we can design a system that will significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption. Our lighting control systems also ensure that every light in your home is operating at the optimal level for both illumination effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Smart Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room entertainment allows you to use any source in one room, all rooms or even different sources in different rooms. Family members may have different tastes and if your equipment is limited to playing in one room, you are not allowing it to reach full potential. Central control enables each family member to use various sources, such as CDs, Ipod, Radio, or even TV and DVDs and have them played where they want to enjoy them. Whether on the deck, by the pool, in the dining or bedroom you can enjoy whatever you want.

Smart Home Theatre

If you have a dedicated home theater room, we can improve your viewing pleasure from the picture itself to audio, seating, lighting and more. We can assist you make the most of your space and incorporate lighting right from your remote control. In a dedicated room, you can let your imagination run wild. After all, home theaters are all about entertainment.

Smart Security System

Smart Home integrates security systems in the connected home, allowing the alarm, lighting and closed circuit cameras to be managed from a single control panel. Closed circuit television, remote cameras and sensors give you in-house and remote monitoring. Lighting can also be programmed with an "Away" mode to supplement the core security system, generating random lighting scenes throughout the evening to give the home a lived in look whilst unoccupied. Integrated security systems give you peace of mind, safety, and cost savings on your home insurance premium.

Smart Access Control

From a simple gate station integrated to a phone system to a complex managed and monitored multi-entry system, Smart Home Solutions can engineer a solution providing you with total security and ease of operation. Integration to other systems can activate lighting, security systems and even open the gate or front door from your audio visual remote or any lighting control panel in the home.

Integrated key fobs and proximity readers can give you keyless entry and access anywhere in the home and surrounding grounds.

Home Networking

Home Networking system can automatically adjust everything in your home and experience new levels of comfort and control. Home Automation systems are what integrate it all, thus giving you that true one touch control system from anywhere in the world wired or wirelessly.